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Weird shit to do in NYC each week

NYC never has a shortage of things to do but this leads to mounds of events to dig through to find something worthwhile to go to. I found myself digging through these events every week so I decided I’d try and make this effort useful to others so they didn’t have to do it themselves. Thus Hamventures was born, a weekly line-up of things I find interesting. finding You can always find the latest Hamventures, right here on the blog: [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.06.10

Weird shit to do in NYC this week

Monday (2019.06.10) YOGA/DRINKS: Donation-based yoga and free cocktails @ Sputnik Yoga LINK Tuesday (2019.06.11) TECH/COMEDY: Comedy Bots @ The People’s Improv Theater - volunteer teams build robots for comedy LINK TECH: Serverless architecture and DevSecOps @ Tata Innovation Center w/ Serveless NYC LINK Wednesday (2019.06.12) FOOD: Community Lunch @ Pioneer Works - PW puts on periodic community lunches that aim to bring community together and spotlight local artists / chefs LINK [Read More]

Hamventures Nyc 2019 06 02

Weird shit to do in NYC this week

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Notable Ongoings

FOOD: Smorgasburg is happening every weekend - Fridays at WTC (1130 - 1900), saturday in Williamsburg and Sunday in Prospect Park (1100-1800)

MUSIC: Summerstage is going strong all summer long with ~weekly free shows in the park

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.05.27

Weird shit to do in NYC this week

Monday (2019.05.27) nothingtoseehere Tuesday (2019.05.28) TECH: Casper @ AWS Loft - Talking about their best SRE practices, food and drink provided LINK Wednesday (2019.05.29) SCIENCE: Scientific controversies #18: Event horizon - A periodic gathering to hear scientists talk about unsolved science stuff. This one’s on black holes. Could be cool. LINK ART/SOCIETY: Manifesting Equitable Futures: Builing an anti-racist technocluture - A dive into the relationship between society, technology, and its denizens, led by current artist/activist/technologists and ending with an ideation session on ways to help solve the problem LINK [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.05.20

Weird shit to do in NYC this week

Monday (2019.05.20) nothingtoseehere Tuesday (2019.05.21) nothingtoseehere Wednesday (2019.05.22) ART: ITP & IMA spring show 2019 - see recent interactive projects from students of NYU’s ITP and IMA tracks LINK ART/DRINKS: Arlo SoHo x Indiewalls - Arlo SoHo invites people to check out their new artworks alongside some cocktails by Botanica Gin LINK ART/INTERACTIVE: Experience Cafe @ Cooper Hewitt - interdisciplinary designers / experts will be running interactive workstations to help explore the intersection of design and nature LINK [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.05.13

Monday (2019.05.13) YOGA: Sputnik Yoga is back with their weekly donation-based class, followed by free cocktails provided by Deep Eddy Vodka LINK Tuesday (2019.05.14) LEARN: My fave House of Yes hosts periodic YES Talks, kinda like TED Talks but with cooler topics / speakers imo. It’s cheap and HoY is dope, so 10⁄10 would recommend LINK ART: Opening reception of Binary Star at SFA Projects LINK Wednesday (2019.05.15) DANCE: Daybreaker NYC throws a boat party. [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.04.15

Weird shit to do in NYC this week.

This week we’ve got a ton of art shows from new and experimental artists and collectives. If art’s not enough to get you up and out, a lot of these shows also have free food & drinks so your excuse is void. Monday (2019.04.15) SELF: pay-what-you-wish yoga and free cocktails @ Sputnik yoga LINK TECH: Adventures in Async: reactive Java programming for the impatient w/ IBM Developer. Learn about reactive architectures at scale with examples in Java LINK [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.04.01

Monday (2019.04.01) YOGA: Sputnik yoga and cocktails - a weekly open-level vinyasa sesh with free cocktails LINK TECH: Tokenizing assets from IP to real estate, or how does tokenizing a piece of art work and how is that legal/why would you want to do it LINK Tuesday (2019.04.02) ART/INTERACTIVE: Trestle gallery critiques. Bring your art for critique by visiting artist Sa’dhia Rehman or simply show up for discussion/observation. Attendance is free, but you must RSVP according to the event page. [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.03.18

Monday (2019.03.18) DANCE: A free dance clas with Sol Dance Center LINK ART/EDUCATION: Experimental ethics in art LINK TECH: Ugly robots, imperfect AI, and smart machines: the good, the bad, and the naive @ Microsoft LINK Tuesday (2019.03.19) ART/SOCIAL: Night at the galleries of Chelsea with ArtsClub. ArtsClub makes another appearance on the list because I think the idea is cool. Basically a group of people that like art that come together and go see art. [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.02.04

Monday (2019.02.04) Feast3: February Seems to be a ~monthly series of assorted performance-art pieces. $12 for entry and on St. Marks so pretty accessible. Got no expectations here so if you’re free from 1900-2100 and have a few bucks laying around, could make for an interesting night. Price: $12 Location: St. Marks (East Village) Link: Backroom speakeasy mondays No cover, live music, in a speakeasy. Pretty good way to spend a Monday. [Read More]