Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.02.04

Monday (2019.02.04) Feast3: February Seems to be a ~monthly series of assorted performance-art pieces. $12 for entry and on St. Marks so pretty accessible. Got no expectations here so if you’re free from 1900-2100 and have a few bucks laying around, could make for an interesting night. Price: $12 Location: St. Marks (East Village) Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/233520657579358/ Backroom speakeasy mondays No cover, live music, in a speakeasy. Pretty good way to spend a Monday. [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.01.28

Monday (2019.01.28) Kubernetes and Microservices powering modern consumer banking What: A talk on Kubernetes and how modern enterprises are leveraging it. When: 2019.01.28, 1900-2100 Price: FREE Location: IBM CODE NYC Link: https://www.meetup.com/ibmcodenyc/events/257997377/ Brief: Kubernetes is cool and the IBM Code NYC events have been relatively good at giving high level introductions to some of the newer technologies, complete with some internal advocates to answer questions you might have. If you’re interested in k8s, might be worthwhile. [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.01.20

Monday - 2019.01.21 Virtual Virtual Reality Name: Virtual Virtual Reality Price: $10 Location: Secret Project Robot (a v trendy public art space) Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/802776643392049/ Brief: Secret Project Robot is a public art space that’s been on my list for several months now. On Monday, they’re going to be featuring a new indie VR game. If VR isn’t your thing, I hear they also have a pretty good bar and large array of free-to-play arcade games. [Read More]