One month of daily meditation: more balance, more accomplishments, and more arguments

Today(ish) (as of time of writing, I #schedule posts) marks one month since the beginning of 2019 and, for me, one month of daily meditation. At the beginning of every unitOfTime, I sit down to set goals for myself (I follow a loose OKR methodology). This year, one of my goals was to “be your best ham”, which to me meant an increased focus on what was important to me and following through on those values. [Read More]

Don't wait for a new year to change your life

For many people, a new year means rebirth - a clean slate from all that happened in the year prior, a new foundation upon which to build the life they’ve always wanted to lead. Lofty I know, but you’d be hard-pressed to scroll through your favorite social platform without a bombardment of reflections, resolutions, and inspirational quotes from people doing just that. Personally, I’m against resolutions. This isn’t to say that I think they’re bad, I actually make a ton of resolutions each year. [Read More]

2018 Q3 Goals


  • Grow 2 monetizable projects
  • Release 2 art projects
  • Start an academic course


  • Explore NYC
  • Make friends outside of the Tech bubble


  • Practice stoicism, continue frugality
  • Work hard towards long-term goals