I live, I watch

Published: 2019-07-22 15:42:55 -0400 -0400

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an exploration of the continuous information channel between humans and technology.


I live, I watch is an exploration of the continuous information channel between humans and technology.


This particular exploration focuses on the information that our phones provide us through text recommendations as artifacts of their understanding of our past actions and current intentions.

Each phone / ecosystem / network will behave differently based on its internal code and the information at its disposal. As such, this project aims to cast a wide net in order to encompass many of these perspectives (from the device) and in order to do so must be highly interactive with low obstacles to entry.


In order to participate, I just need a few things.

  • the text - take a prompt (all prompts are below), type it out, then use autocorrect / complete to form a complete (or maybe incomplete, your choice) thought.
  • your phone model
  • the OS and version that your phone is running
  • (optional) your name
  • (optional) your instagram handle

Email to yo [at] iamhamy.xyz

I’ll curate them into publishable chunks and release periodically.

prompts (running list that will be updated as new prompts arrive)

Choose one. Or all. Up to you.

  1. Make America {your autocorrect}

  2. Can’t wait to {your autocorrect}

  3. Sorry, can’t. I’m {your autocorrect}

  4. This is why we can’t {your autocorrect}

  5. I love you like {your autocorrect}

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