In favor of brevity

Published: 2019-08-26 04:54:55 -0400 -0400

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The point of communication is to transfer information. Anything else is fluff.

Fluff is important to identiy and remove as its presence means worse value / time. Time is one of the most important resources we have. Thus we want to maximize its utility.

brevity pros

  • less time spent reading
  • less time spent writing
  • more clear / focused

brevity cons

  • brash / terse style
  • less fleshed out ideas

When less word do more good, use less word.

About the Ham

Hi I'm Hamilton and I wrote / built this! I like doing lots of things, but mostly I like to build (and then share those buildings). Some things I'm currently building: art, software, and prose. To stay up-to-date with my latest buildings, subscribe to my email list or follow one of my many other accounts. #buildit #shipit #justhamit

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