SWE Interview Prep

Interviewing is hard and uses a lot of muscles that don’t get much flexing in every-day work. As such, I felt the need to create a plan to work out these muscles to get back in fighting shape.

Create a good resume

If you can’t sell yourself, you won’t get a chance to prove yourself.

So write a good resume. Doesn’t need to be fancy, but does need to get the job done.

Practice for interviews

Sites I like

  • LeetCode
  • TopCoder
  • exercism
  • InterviewCake

Languages I want to learn / use

  • C#
  • Rust


Do > 1 non-trivial (medium/hard+) question a day, alternating sites each time, and languages each day.

What I look for in a company

  • Opportunities for professional learning and growth
    • Is the team smart?
    • Are we working on cool and interesting things?
    • Do we have the power to make an impact?
  • Pragmatic, upbeat culture
    • I want to like where I work.
    • I want to like the people I work with.
  • Compensation
    • I want to make bank.
    • Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

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