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Every Half: A theme and sub-themes within each focus to focus on.

Every quarter: Focus-divided visions (that are tied to the Half themes). Each focus will have 1-3 visions. Each vision will have 2-3 ways to measure said goal. Can list a few ways to tackle goal if want to. A vision is basically, at the end of this quarter I will be at x.

In the form of I will STATE

Example: I will connect with people through adventure

Every month: Focus-divided goals (that are tied to the quarter goals). Each focus will have 1-3 goals. Each goal will ahve 2-3 ways to measure goal. Also 2-3 ways to tackle said goal.

In the form of OUTCOME

Example: Show initiative and competency at senior engineer level

      • How will it be measured?
      • How will it be accomplished?
        • PLAN




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