HAMY Labs Vision

Published: 2019-11-07 20:43:56 -0500 -0500

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  • Accuracy - Are we solving the right problem, are we solving it correctly
  • Robustness - Does it scale, will it weather the test of time
  • Pragmatism - Does it make sense, can we do it


  • Impact - Does it make a difference
  • Helping, not hurting - Is this good for the world?


  • Explore the possibilities of creation and to make the world a better, more open, and intelligent place

About the Ham

Hi I'm Hamilton and I wrote / built this! I like doing lots of things, but mostly I like to build (and then share those buildings). Some things I'm currently building: art, software, and prose. To stay up-to-date with my latest buildings, subscribe to my email list or follow one of my many other accounts. #buildit #shipit #justhamit

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