August 2018 Release Notes

Another month, another post. For those of you reading this via email - rejoice! You’re receiving the first ever blast from the Hamniverse. For those of you reading via my blog, that’s cool too but you can also get these updates via email if you’re more of a subscriber than a poller. Projects This month, my projects have received the most attention and likely the most “gains”. I don’t have a whole lot to show yet, but a lot of cogs have been put in motion. [Read More]

On Minimalism: More of what you love and less of what you don't

As part of my continued research into Financial Independence, Frugality, and Stoicism, I stumbled upon the book Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism. I’ll admit, the decision to read it was driven moreso by it being free via Amazon Prime than anything else, but I found it to be pleasantly complimentary to those aforementioned research areas. Minimalism We should start with what Minimalism is. The core idea of Minimalism is to cut out the superfluous. [Read More]

The case for brewing your own cold brew

I’m an avid coffee drinker. It helps me get shit done and I like getting shit done. As such, I typically drink a serving in the morning right after I wake up to get in gear and another right after lunch to combat potential carbo comas/push through the rest of my day strong. Unfortunately, depending on how you go about it, this habit can be quite expensive. I currently live in NYC where a large iced coffee (I don’t like it hot, seems like a waste of time to let it cool) can push $4 a pop at your local *Bucks/Dunks. [Read More]

Thoughts: Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich GoodReads Amazon is a dated book that discusses the power of the mind to affect reality. For those who have not found this to be true - that all deliberate effects on your reality must come from within - this may be a useful read. For you readers, I’d give this book a 4⁄5. For those who understand the importance of mindfulness and intent with respect to your power to augment your own reality, then I’d say this book leans too close, too often to conjecture, superstition, and dramaticism to be of much use. [Read More]

2018 Q2 in Review

Good morning Hamerica, it is with great honor and, ofc, much humility that I come before you on thisĀ 35th day of the 24th year of Ham to resurrect my beloved, sprawling installments of regular Hamflection. This past year and change, I’ve grappled with much - from null purpose to INF passions.count to a literal world of responsibility - in a chapter of life I’d like to coin “Welcome to Adulthood” or maybe even “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Georgia anymore”. [Read More]