Introducing Project Pillars

a new way to decide what project to work on next

disclaimer: I do work at Facebook. I do not speak for Facebook. My thoughts herein are my own based on my own interpretation of things so don’t go saying I’m an official spokesperson for anyone other than HAMY. kthxbye This past month, I’ve been thinking about ways to further streamline my creation process such that I better ensure that I’m working on the “right” things. Working hard means nothing if you’re working on the wrong thing. [Read More]

Release notes: July 2019

Read previous release-notes. Last month, I released my reflection for the first half of 2019. In it I detailed my new job and the process of finding it, my project progress (2 of which were released), and my hopes / feelings at my 25-year mark. This month, I’ve put a lot of effort into the thoughts and systems I need to make this half (and hopefully subsequent halves) more satisfying, productive, and good. [Read More]

Thoughts for staying motivated even when you aren't

Motivation is a fickle energy source which is why habits are my preferred form of locomotion. But these energies aren’t mutually exclusive which means low motivation oft leads to low habit execution. This is a collection of thoughts I go over in my head when I notice this phenomenon taking place. Remember that habits are more important than anything else. Doing something is better than nothing and what you do most of the time is better than what you do sometimes. [Read More]

Build scalable, automated processes to win

_This brain dump is a reflection on the content of The Phoenix Project._ The cycle for progress is: experiment learn repeat This makes sense. It’s essentially the agile principle as well as the underpinnings of the scientific method - both of which have done a pretty good job of standing the test of time and thus have some strength wrt validity. But you can do this in varying shades of bad. [Read More]

In review: My 2019 H1 (winter and spring)

Hello Haminions and welcome to another installment of “What’s up with Ham?”. To refresh your memory, these reviews are a way for Ham to look back on what he’s done, extract any meaningful learnings into long-term storage, and share those with the Hamniverse. Please hold all questions til the end of the show and remember the use of flash photography is strictly prohibited. In the first half of 2019, I got a new job, meditated ~1400 minutes across ~120 sessions, built 3 charitable projects, grew the HAMY brand to 200+ visitors / month, constructed a new adventure habit (and accompanying email list), and, perhaps most importantly, capped off my first 25 years on this planet. [Read More]

This simple trick can give $1 / year to a cause you care about FOR FREE

A click-baity exploration of the costs and benefits of Mine for Good and how to get started TODAY

This quarter, I released a new project called Mine for Good and I wanted to take some time to talk about what it is, what it does, and how (with your help) I think it could make a decent impact on the world we live in. TL;DR: Mine for Good is a service that generates money just by opening (and clicking the “mine” button) and keeping open the web page in your browser. [Read More]

Post-mortem: My 2019 Job Search

My journey through a full-time SWE job search

Last week, I finished my 2+ month full-time job search. It wasn’t easy. But it also wasn’t particularly hard. It did however take lots of time, lots of effort, and lots of thought. Here I want to walk through my process for both posterity and the optimistic thought that it might help you, reader, in a future search of your own. My name is Hamilton and I make money as a software engineer. [Read More]

Why I have multiple Instagrams

For the past 3ish years (if memory serves, I started this in the summer of 2016), I’ve run multiple Instagram accounts. Each of these accounts has a different purpose. I’ll list these below, in rough order of activeness: @sir.hamy - pictures of me and what I’m up to @hamy.streetart - pictures of street art I’ve found and liked @hamy.labs - pictures and announcements around my code experiments (this closely follows the content of labs. [Read More]

HAMEATS: Ham, egg, and cheeses burrito

On this installment of HAMEATS, we discuss a home-made ham, egg, and cheese burrito. tl;dr This thing takes ~10 mins to make and costs next to nothing ($2.76). Compare this to a similar meal at Dunks that’ll cost $10+ and that’s savings of ~70%. Do it. ingredients 1 tortilla -> $7.78 / 8 => $0.97 3 eggs -> ($1.99 / 12) * 3 => $0.51 1 serving ham -> $3. [Read More]