Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.03.11

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Monday (2019.03.11)


Tuesday (2019.03.12)


Wednesday (2019.03.13)

ART/MUSIC: Opera 101 with the Met Opera Guild and ArtsClub. I haven’t been to an ArtsClub event yet, but it seems like a pretty cool group. LINK

TECH: A/B Testing and master serverless API with JAMStack NYC LINK

TECH: Istio Mesh - managing container deployments at scale @ Oracle LINK

Thursday (2019.03.14)

ART/TECH: School for Poetic Computation’s spring session kick-off. Talks on the intersection of art and technology. LINK

COMEDY/ENTERTAINMENT: Seth Meyers Writers @ UCB LINK, pilfered from BYT

DANCE/EXPERIENCE: Free salsa party at the Brooklyn Museum - learn to salsa for freezies! LINK

MUSIC: Tritonal at Terminal 5

TECH: An introduction to the actor model and Akka.NET @ Microsoft LINK

TECH: Data engineering and Machine Learning behind Uber Eats marketplace LINK

TECH: Data Engineering w Warby Parker, Datadog, Braze, et al @ Stack Exchange LINK

Friday (2019.03.15)

ART/BOOKS: Bookstore stoop sale @ MoMA PS1 - a bunch of books for $1 LINK

EXPERIENCE: Midnight Market, Jersey City LINK

MUSIC: Party Favor @ LAVO LINK

MUSIC: The Widdler @ Sunnyvale LINK

Saturday (2019.03.16)

ART/EXPERIENCE: Performance Party @ Arts on Site LINK

Sunday (2019.03.17)


Notable Ongoings


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