Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.09.09

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This week: Dance on top of Westlight, Get Down at House of Yes, and sniff networks with Wonderville

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Monday (2019.09.09)


Tuesday (2019.09.10)

TECH/DATA: Analytics engineering w Venmo and Milk Bar @ Venmo - a panel of speakers talks data science / analytics / engineering, food and drinks provided

Wednesday (2019.09.11)

YOGA/DANCE/WHOLESOMENESS: Daybreaker NYC takes over Westlight - an early-morning dance / yoga party. I never get up in time, but I hear these things are a blast

ENTERTAINMENT/DEBAUCHERY: Dirty Circus @ House of Yes - It’s a circus. That’s dirty. There’s a bathtub. And nudity. $20+

GAMING: Latinx in Gaming talks, well, gaming @ Samsung 837 - Industry experts talk gaming, diversity, and innovation. Also gaming will be had. Light refreshments provided, free

Thursday (2019.09.12)

DANCE: The Get Down @ House of Yes - sweaty dancing galore $20+

PHOTOGRAPHY/WORKSHOPS: Photoville 2019 @ Brookly Bridge Park - Running from September 12-15 and 19-22 from 1200-2200, there will be free workshops / exhibitions / panels

ART/FASHION: Art history happy hour: Future Fashion @ Brooklyn Museum - Talks on fashion from experts in the industry, exhibitions will be open - FREE

MUSIC: Hermitude, Memba, and Madge @ Elsewhere - $20

TECH/SERVERLESS: Talk serverless computing @ Pivotal - food and drinks provided

Friday (2019.09.13)

MUSIC: Buku and Esseks @ Schimanski - $20

Saturday (2019.09.14)

YOGA: Free yoga @ the Public hotel

ART/YOGA: Art & Yoga @ Brooklyn Museum - Start your Saturday off with some yoga at Brooklyn Museum. Tix are $16 and include access to the normal exhibitions

SHOP: The Market @ Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn Museum opens its front courtyard to local vendors

STREETART: Bushwich street art tour with ArtsClub $25

Sunday (2019.09.15)

TECH/INTERNET: Exploring cyberspace through network sniffing / scanning @ Wonderville - Learn the basics of networking (and the internet!) and tools for exploring it. $45

DARTY/PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: A celebration of art, sexual health, and reproductive justice with Planned Parenthood @ House of Yes - $30+

MEDITATION: Free meditation @ The Public hotel

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