Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.09.02

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This week: AI, the US Open, and street-style

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Monday (2019.09.02)

DANCE/PARTY/DARTY: Werk labor day party @ House of Yes - HoY is putting on a free labor day party complete with DJs and possibly pools

Tuesday (2019.09.03)

TECH: How the US Open uses AI and ML to solve challenging problems with IBM NY - Free, with food and drinks provided

Wednesday (2019.09.04)

YOGA: Free yoga @ Battery Park - Tejal Yoga provides a summer series of free yoga in the park. Bring a mat and towel.

FASHION/SUSTAINABILITY: Discuss sustainable fashion @ Samsung 837 - Hear from a panel on sustainable fashion and mission-driven orgs, free with light refreshments provided

GAMES/DEV: Playtest night @ Wonderville - Wonderville hosts biweekly playtest nights to help local devs get their games in front of real players. $5 suggested donation, open to anyone (whether you’re a player or a maker), and drinks will be available for purchase.

Thursday (2019.09.05)

FASHION/ART: DapperQ’s Pursuit @ Brooklyn Museum - Fashion, music, shopping, happy hour, and general admission access to the museum’s exhibitions for $16

ART/TECH: Projection mapping workshop @ Brooklyn Research - A 3-hour workshop on projection mapping using the MadMapper software. Bring your own Mac / PC, $85

TECH: Tales of instrumentation - Engineers talk through observability, instrumentation, and good design. Free with refreshments provided

FASHION/PHOTOGRAPHY: #withGalaxy photo session @ Samsung 837 - a street-style focused workshop on fashion photography using the new Samsung Galaxy, free

MUSIC: Max Cooper (live A/V) @ Elsewhere, $20

Friday (2019.09.06)

MUSIC: Keys n Krates DJ set @ Elsewhere - Catch Keys n Krates at the Elsewhere rooftop from 1700-2200, $20

MUSIC/DISCUSSION: MC Jin @ Museum of Chinese in America - “Join MC Jin for an intimate, insightful, and inspiring evening of conversation, laughter, and music.”, $25 (which comes with two drinks)

ENTERTAINMENT: Wondershow @ House of Yes - ‘“Professional Mindfuckery by the most skilled performers in the business!” -Time Out New York’, $30+

Saturday (2019.09.07)

FOOD: Smorgasburg - get it while it’s hot

ART: Summer Crafternoons w ArtsClub - An afternoon of art, wine, and snacks. Also people. $45

MUSIC: Bob Moses @ Pier 17 - $42+

YOGA: Deep house yoga @ House of Yes, $25

Sunday (2019.09.08)

FOOD: Experience Thailand 2019 @ Union Square - Free festival in Union Square with a bunch of food / culture to try

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