Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.08.26

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This week: learn WebAssembly, create street art, and yoga at the top of Public

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Monday (2019.08.26)

TECH: Making it easier to contribute to Airflow by making development a ‘Breeze’ @ The New York Times - An overview of ‘Breeze’, a development environment built with the goal of making it easier for first-time contributors to the Airflow project, free with food and drinks provided

Tuesday (2019.08.27)

ART: Summer Tuesdays @ Guggenheim - The Guggenheim stays open late (til 9pm) with extra activites like music and drinks in addition to normal exhibitions

Wednesday (2019.08.28)

ART/WORKSHOP: Street art lesson and studio party with ArtsClub - 1800-2100, $65

TECH: Reactive Programming for the impatient developer with IBM Developer NY - Reactive programming / systems are becoming more and more prevalent in the Industry. This is a quick overview of what they are and how to build in Java. Free, pizza and drinks provided

TECH: Building WebAssembly apps in Rust using Smithy @ MongoDB - Come learn some practical Rust skills, free with food and drinks provided

TECH: Women of Wearable Tech monthly showcase - Celebrate and highlight women in wearable tech, talks by founders and CEOs of wearable tech orgs

Thursday (2019.08.29)

ART: Closing party for Horama Rama @ MoMA PS1 - Open bar, a glowing cyclorama, and dj sets around the exhibition, “A dramatic urban junglescape complete with neon hammocks and a waterfall”

ART: Shoebox museum: icons and innovators in sneaker packaging - an exhibition focused on the packaging of the world’s favorite sneakers, free. This exhibition runs from August 29 - 31

Friday (2019.08.30)

DISCUSSION/SOCIETY: How to build a fire: Freedom @ Open Source Gallery - Storytellers narrate and lead discussions on freedom, with a theme around slavery / bondage as it exists in the US. FREE, 2000-2200

Saturday (2019.08.31)

YOGA: Morning yoga @ Public Hotel - Start your Saturday off right with a 10AM free yoga session at the Public

ART/MUSIC: Warm Up @ MoMA PS1 featuring Annie Mac, Floorplan, Palms Trax, and Laundry Day - An all-day music and dance party at MoMA PS1, 1200 - 1900, $18

BAZAAR: 2nd annual Dark Market @ Brooklyn Bazaar - weird, dark shit for sale. 1900 - 2400

Sunday (2019.09.01)


Notable Ongoings

FOOD: Smorgasburg is happening every weekend - Fridays at WTC (1130 - 1900), saturday in Williamsburg and Sunday in Prospect Park (1100-1800)

MUSIC: Summerstage is going strong all summer long with ~weekly free shows in the park

About the Ham

Hi I'm Hamilton and I wrote / built this! I like doing lots of things, but mostly I like to build (and then share those buildings). Some things I'm currently building: art, software, and prose. To stay up-to-date with my latest buildings, subscribe to my email list or follow one of my many other accounts. #buildit #shipit #justhamit

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