Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.06.10

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Weird shit to do in NYC this week

Monday (2019.06.10)

YOGA/DRINKS: Donation-based yoga and free cocktails @ Sputnik Yoga LINK

Tuesday (2019.06.11)

TECH/COMEDY: Comedy Bots @ The People’s Improv Theater - volunteer teams build robots for comedy LINK

TECH: Serverless architecture and DevSecOps @ Tata Innovation Center w/ Serveless NYC LINK

Wednesday (2019.06.12)

FOOD: Community Lunch @ Pioneer Works - PW puts on periodic community lunches that aim to bring community together and spotlight local artists / chefs LINK

VIDEOGAMES: Playtest night @ Wonderville - local game designers / devs will be showing off their WIPs. Free to attend, show, and test. LINK

Thursday (2019.06.13)

DRINKS/MUSIC: Cocktails @ Cooper Hewitt is back with music / performances from the Tippet Rise Art Center - v chill way to spend a Thursday night LINK

DRINKS/MUSIC: Morgana @ The Brooklyn Mirage - a weekly Thursday night event featuring house DJs, free with RSVP. The Brooklyn Mirage is a super cool venue, so would rec taking advantage of one of these free events this summer LINK

MUSIC: Feed Me @ Brooklyn Steel LINK

Friday (2019.06.14)

ART/TECH: Software for Artists Day @ Pioneer Works - A 2-day conference w/ presentations from artists leveraging technology / software LINK

Saturday (2019.06.15)

VIDEOGAMES/DRINKS: DJ party @ Wonderville, free LINK

MUSIC: Shlohmo @ Elsewhere LINK

Sunday (2019.06.16)

MUSIC: Dirtybird BBQ @ The Brooklyn Mirage - great lineup, should be fun LINK

Notable Ongoings

FOOD: Smorgasburg is happening every weekend - Fridays at WTC (1130 - 1900), saturday in Williamsburg and Sunday in Prospect Park (1100-1800)

MUSIC: Summerstage is going strong all summer long with ~weekly free shows in the park

About the Ham

Hi I'm Hamilton and I wrote / built this! I like doing lots of things, but mostly I like to build (and then share those buildings). Some things I'm currently building: art, software, and prose. To stay up-to-date with my latest buildings, subscribe to my email list or follow one of my many other accounts. #buildit #shipit #justhamit

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