Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.04.15

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Weird shit to do in NYC this week.

This week we’ve got a ton of art shows from new and experimental artists and collectives. If art’s not enough to get you up and out, a lot of these shows also have free food & drinks so your excuse is void.

Monday (2019.04.15)


SELF: pay-what-you-wish yoga and free cocktails @ Sputnik yoga LINK

TECH: Adventures in Async: reactive Java programming for the impatient w/ IBM Developer. Learn about reactive architectures at scale with examples in Java LINK

Tuesday (2019.04.16)


ART/SHOW: Dan Tepfer presents Natural Machines @ National Sawdust. This is apparently a mix between technology and art where Dan improvises on various instruments while custom software / hardware he’s wired up listens and responds in kind in both audio and visual formats. Seems super dope and tix are $25 if you can make it out to Willysburg on a Tuesday. LINK


ART/SHOW: Animation Nights New York (ANNY) @ the Gutter - “a curated monthly screening of animated short films from around the world”. pay-what-you-wish, beer and wine available for purchase. LINK

TECH: What is Open Serverless? @ Google NYC - A discussion on serverless and what it means for you. LINK

Wednesday (2019.04.17)


ART: Optics: the hungry eye @ ICP (International Center of Photography). An exploration of the connection between media, food, and our own consciousness. Tickets are free and attendance gets you a discount to see the center’s galleries. LINK

TECH: Solution architecture 101 for Kubernetes. k8s is super cool (I run my websites with it) so this seems like a good entry point for it if you’re curious. LINK

Thursday (2019.04.18)


ART: New York Academy of Art open studios - come see 100+ artist studios! I love going to things like this cause you can usually talk to the artists and learn about their process. LINK


ART: SVA Master’s final and exhibition practicum exhibitions. Looks like there are about 6 different curations happening all in the same place. Free and open to the public with RSVP! LINK


ART: Marela Zacarias shares her process at the National Arts Club. I went to an event here a few weeks ago and it was really cool despite having a v stuffy air! They typically sell drinks and the club is super swanky, so would highly recommend a stop in if you’re in the area. LINK


ART: Opening reception for the year-end projects of workspace residents at the Center for Book Arts. Looks like there will be ~5 projects by just as many artists on view, the works will be on show through June 29, 2019. LINK


ART: Spring 2019 Photobook fest at ICP (international center of photography). 16 photographers/collectives will have their work on display and the ICP galleries will be open for pay-what-you-wish viewing during the fest, so this is a good opportunity to check that out even if you aren’t a photobook fan LINK


ART/TECH: Wordhack @ Babycastles - A monthly showcase of projects at the intersection of language and technology. #creativecoding!!! LINK

print dialogue

ART/TECH: Print(dialogue) @ CultureHub - A live performance of computer-generated mini-plays. I’ve never been so can’t speak to how good this is but I love generative art so it’ll be an experience regardless. LINK


Party: Dirty Thursday at House of Yes, feat. Prince music. LINK

Friday (2019.04.19)

Samantha Laurito art show

ART: Samantha Laurito art presented at the Wolf & Badger. There will be a DJ. Also free drinks. LINK


MUSIC: Droeloe @ Music hall of williamsburg LINK

Saturday (2019.04.20)

malt baby

ART: Malt Baby closing party @ Babycastles - A collection of experimental animation projects (including interactive games!!!) will be on view for the Malt Baby closing (collective based out of Columbus Ohio). If you can’t make the closing party, they have gallery hours from 12-6 where you can see a good portion of the animations and play the semi-permanent games on display. LINK

Sunday (2019.04.21)


Notable Ongoings


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