Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.04.01

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Monday (2019.04.01)

YOGA: Sputnik yoga and cocktails - a weekly open-level vinyasa sesh with free cocktails LINK

TECH: Tokenizing assets from IP to real estate, or how does tokenizing a piece of art work and how is that legal/why would you want to do it LINK

Tuesday (2019.04.02)

ART/INTERACTIVE: Trestle gallery critiques. Bring your art for critique by visiting artist Sa’dhia Rehman or simply show up for discussion/observation. Attendance is free, but you must RSVP according to the event page. I’ve never been a part of an artistic critique before so this could be a really cool opportunity to further understand the process. LINK

Wednesday (2019.04.03)

ART: Quiet mornings at MoMA - come early and skip the crowds. Also includes a meditation if you’re tryna get your zen on LINK

ART/INTERACTIVE: Join members (and non-members? says it’s free and open to anyone with RSVP as per event link) of the National Arts Club as various House of Yes performers, well, perform and open the floor for questions after. This seems like a really cool way to explore another section of NY’s thriving art scene while getting a peek behind the curtains of one of my fave clubs. Come thru - LINK

COMMUNITY/ACTIVISM: Art, planning, and community power. A dialogue on the intersection of public art and public history. LINK

Thursday (2019.04.04)


Friday (2019.04.05)

ART: First Fridays at the Frick Collection. Free museum admission, gallery talks, sketching, and music. LINK

MUSIC: Crywolf at Elsewhere zone LINK

ART/VIDEOGAMES: MALT BABY opening party at Baby Castles - experimental animations and video games LINK

Saturday (2019.04.06)

ART/EXPERIENCE: Voice Cult @ House of Yes. An early afternoon of vocal healing/experimentation. Never been to this before, but I’ve heard it’s a good time. Plus you’re out in Bushwick so can always roll over to some trendy bars after. LINK

ART/INTERACTIVE: ArtsClub presents a Polaroid photography workshop at the International Center for Photography. Includes a tour of the For Freedoms exhibition currently showing at ICP. LINK

ART/POETRY: We call them beautiful book launch by author KC Trommer, includes readings. LINK

ART SHOW: Community art show opening @ CBE - complimentary wine and cheese, with music fo FREE LINK

Sunday (2019.04.07)

ART: Visit the Queens Museum for their spring exhibition opening. Events include an artist performance, curator-led tour, a science fiction film lecture, and a symphonic band performance. Plus you get to see the galleries. Seems like a good reason to make the hike out to Queens. LINK

ADVENTURE (ALSO SHOPPING): The Oddities Flea Market, April 6 and 7th. Go find some weird shit to put in your place of rest. LINK

Notable Ongoings

ART/MUSIC: BLACK New York 2019 - a music and art festival (?) right here in NYC, April 4 - 6 LINK

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