Release notes: August 2019

See all release-notes. This month, I found a team at FB, went to Italy for 16 days, started hamy.brand, reached 1k monthly visitors, and committed to living a more (~15%) sustainable life. work tl;dr - still getting ramped up, v excited for future I finished bootcamp at Facebook (in case you missed it, I now work there) earlier this month, which is essentially a team-dating process with the goal of making sure everyone finds a good match with respect to people, project, and role. [Read More]

In favor of brevity

The point of communication is to transfer information. Anything else is fluff. Fluff is important to identiy and remove as its presence means worse value / time. Time is one of the most important resources we have. Thus we want to maximize its utility. brevity pros less time spent reading less time spent writing more clear / focused brevity cons brash / terse style less fleshed out ideas When less word do more good, use less word. [Read More]

What I'm doing to help the Amazon (and the planet)

A practical approach to helping the Amazon today

We’ve all seen the posts about the Amazon being on fire. Now there’s a push to go beyond the standard #thoughtsandprayers response (thank the lawd) to actually do something about the crisis. Through my own research I’ve found that there are many organizations and causes you can support that will directly combat the current Amazon threat. However I’ve also found that the whole situation is highly political and further that the current situation may actually be a symptom of an even larger problem. [Read More]

No matter the challenge, just start

In the face of titanic challenges and ambiguity, the only thing you can do is start.

Give it 25 minutes. Seriously, start a timer and work on it for 25 minutes.

  • Research the problem
  • Ideate on approaches
  • Make something. At least make progress.

That’s all we can do. We can’t know til we try. We can’t finish til we start.

So just start.


Why you should care about climate change

Climate change is arguably the most important / severe / urgent global crisis humans face on Earth today. Here’s why you should care: Climate change is far-reaching Climate change will affect you, too Climate change will only get worse Climate change will get harder to solve as time goes on You can solve climate change climate change is far-reaching The climate affects just about every part of life, from what organisms can live there to what each organism has to do to survive there. [Read More]

In the face of super-human complexity, optimize for less suffering

Earth is a complex place. Humanity is a complex experience. It’s hard and possibly impossible to know all of it. Certainly impossible to know all of it and how different stimuli will play out given the system’s constant rate of change. As such it’s impossible to optimize the system on a world scale. What then can we do to ensure we’re consistently changing it for the better? In truth, nothing. This reality grants us few guarantees aside from change. [Read More]

My ideal day

This half I’m theming on sustainability and that’s gotten me thinking about how that ties into my idea of an ideal life. This got me thinking about what an ideal life was to me. By answering this question (at least on the scale of a single day), I hope to provide a scaffolding with which to compare my current life cycle to identify areas that could be improved. I have a growing hunch that there exists an optimal scaffolding for everyone (though these scaffoldings may not be the same for everyone) and that attaining that ideal (via overlap of scaffolding and reality) is much closer to reality than we realize. [Read More]

Introducing Project Pillars

a new way to decide what project to work on next

disclaimer: I do work at Facebook. I do not speak for Facebook. My thoughts herein are my own based on my own interpretation of things so don’t go saying I’m an official spokesperson for anyone other than HAMY. kthxbye This past month, I’ve been thinking about ways to further streamline my creation process such that I better ensure that I’m working on the “right” things. Working hard means nothing if you’re working on the wrong thing. [Read More]

Release notes: July 2019

Read previous release-notes. Last month, I released my reflection for the first half of 2019. In it I detailed my new job and the process of finding it, my project progress (2 of which were released), and my hopes / feelings at my 25-year mark. This month, I’ve put a lot of effort into the thoughts and systems I need to make this half (and hopefully subsequent halves) more satisfying, productive, and good. [Read More]

Thoughts for staying motivated even when you aren't

Motivation is a fickle energy source which is why habits are my preferred form of locomotion. But these energies aren’t mutually exclusive which means low motivation oft leads to low habit execution. This is a collection of thoughts I go over in my head when I notice this phenomenon taking place. Remember that habits are more important than anything else. Doing something is better than nothing and what you do most of the time is better than what you do sometimes. [Read More]