Release notes: April 2019

It’s been awhile since my last update but not because I’ve been lazy, moreso because I’ve been so busy getting shit done. As such, this update will be terse so I can go back to focusing on higher priority items. But I knew y’all were wondering what I was up to so didn’t want to leave you entirely in the dark. work Currently my focus is on the next step in my career. [Read More]

Headspace in computer terms

This year, I’ve made it a habit to meditate each morning (well, most mornings). I’ve been using Headspace to assist me in this process and I’ve noted several positive changes, some that were expected and some that weren’t. Naturally, I wanted to share this experience with those around me but I noticed that I kept describing the major benefit of regular meditation as increased “headspace” but was having a hard time describing what exactly that was and why it was beneficial (and, further, why it wasn’t just the product of great marketing but a pragmatic descriptor of the underlying phenomenon). [Read More]

Imagining personal DOS attacks (or how to ransomware your friends in 17 lines of JavaScript or less)

DOS, or denial of service, attacks are a type of cyber attack that result in, well, denial of service. Traditionally this was accomplishable with a few machines spinning up tons of pseudo-genuine requests against public endpoints. This forces a service to allocate its resources to serving this fake traffic leaving less available for legitimate traffic, resulting in a denial of service to that legitimate traffic. Nowadays modern DOS attacks often involve large botnets of connected machines at different IPs to help circumvent these rules (see Mirai) As these kinds of attacks became easier to pull off/more known and thus more prevalent, platform builders have had to evolve their defences with things like ip-based rate limiting and AI powered behavioral traffic rules to identify and respond to bad actors in real-time. [Read More]

Release notes: February 2019

February highlights from The Hamniverse Alongside the typical foci, I’m trying to be a little bit better at sharing my progress towards my goals. My hope is that this keeps my internal process a bit more transparent (people usually flip their shit when I show them how I organize things which, to me, means that I didn’t do a good enough job publicizing it) and that it’ll log this progress for posterity/provide motivation to actually finish shit. [Read More]

Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.02.18

Monday (2019.02.18) Nothing =( Tuesday (2019.02.19) Intelligent Design: Fashion + AI (Free, 1930-2230) A discussion on the intersection of fashion and AI, with a focus on current trends into the near future. Run by NYC Salon ‘a speaker series that aims to be “TED with friends”’. Location: Williamsburg Hotel Link: Reposted from No lights, no lycra ($5, 2030-2130) “A weekly dance jam in the dark, for the pure joy of dancing! [Read More]

One month of daily meditation: more balance, more accomplishments, and more arguments

Today(ish) (as of time of writing, I #schedule posts) marks one month since the beginning of 2019 and, for me, one month of daily meditation. At the beginning of every unitOfTime, I sit down to set goals for myself (I follow a loose OKR methodology). This year, one of my goals was to “be your best ham”, which to me meant an increased focus on what was important to me and following through on those values. [Read More]

Why I split the bill on dates

The processes/rules of dating have come up as a topic of discussion quite frequently in the past month or so, so today I wanted to sit down and explore an implicit policy I’ve held for a while now but never took the time to flesh out and share. That policy is always* splitting the bill on dates. *Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but I believe the norm is more important than the exception and that one should always lead with pragmatism so I won’t explore these edge cases further. [Read More]
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Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.02.04

Monday (2019.02.04) Feast3: February Seems to be a ~monthly series of assorted performance-art pieces. $12 for entry and on St. Marks so pretty accessible. Got no expectations here so if you’re free from 1900-2100 and have a few bucks laying around, could make for an interesting night. Price: $12 Location: St. Marks (East Village) Link: Backroom speakeasy mondays No cover, live music, in a speakeasy. Pretty good way to spend a Monday. [Read More]

2019.01 Release Notes

January has been a good, productive month. I’ve been relatively faithful to my resolutions and made some real progress in directions that matter to me. As such, most of my updates this month come from #self but expect more in other foci in the future. Self The most notable happening this month has been my exploration of meditation and yoga. On the recommendation of several friends, I decided to try my hand at both via a free trial from Headspace and ClassPass respectively (yes, that’s an affiliate link and yes I’d like you to click it so I get free stuff). [Read More]